The best of the season, Lee 101, preppy streetwear and more

Herschel bags

There is much to say about the latest trends in casual and streetwear. Some of the most famous brands for the younger men for this season leans toward preppy and yet with very strong influence of fun casual streetwear style. There is therefore the amalgamation of casual and the chic, fun and yet reserved, and sporty and yet formal. This is what makes the trend today totally different and distinct from the past collections released by the casual and streetwear designers. And what really makes the look or the trend in casual wear today is that this is the kind of wear that is really pleasing to the eye. Compared for example, with the previous look that is much influenced by hip hop, here there is preppy look creates a perfect balance. In other words, this is the kind of look that every man will love because it shouts elegance and cool at the same time. Girlfriends on the other hand would definitely want their men to be seen in this kind of look. This new trend will make them feel really proud now that their men have achieved to dress up casually and yet look elegantly.

Anybody can have this new look with the right pants shirt, shoes and accessories. The operative word here is right because not all brands of jeans and shirt can provide the right look. There are of course exceptions. Lee 101 for example is the best jeans for this chic casual streetwear. The Lee 101 latest collection has the right cut and style for the look. The latest Lee 101 offers smarter fit and wide rang of styles to make the perfect look. Lee 101 is inspired by true American heritage and yet for this season it adds the smart and fresh look. From color, such as deep rust, to the different designs, Lee 101 makes it easy to combine shirts, knits and leather. So for the casual chic streetwear look, Lee 101 makes it easy to combine preppy style polo shirts, sweaters and shirts.

Aside from Lee 101, one can also use Edwin denim. Like Lee 101, it offers perfect fit and cut that transforms the look of the jeans into elegant pants, despite being denim. These jeans are quite different than the other brands in the market today because of their wide range of style. Moreover, the quality of their jeans sets them apart from the rest. And for the chic look, this quality in jeans completes the look. Lastly, for accessories, there are the Herschel bags and Penfield UK bags. Their bags really complete the preppy look in the outfit. Their satchel and backpacks bring out the college boy look in the collection. And with the right boots and cap, one is good to go.

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