The Right Clothes for an Outdoor Job

A modern worker will need a number of resources to do his or her job correctly, and not just the actual skills and expertise. A person may also need the right tools and vehicles for a job, such as outdoor workers, and those who work outdoors will often need the right clothing for basic safety. Construction workers, for example, will need clothing that can handle very hot or cold weather, not to mention clothing and gear that protects a worker from hazards like fumes, dust, heat sources, and vehicles. A worker may face a number of hazards on a site such as a construction project, or when working on a highway. An Under Armour job shirt can help a worker stay cool in the heat, and the fabric of an Under Armour job shirt may breathe well in summer months while working outdoors. This may help when a building under construction does not have its air conditioning system installed yet, and an Under Armour job shirt, combined with short sleeves and frequent water breaks, can help keep workers cool and comfortable. In other terrain, some equipment like combat boots, waterproof boots, coats, goggles, or gloves may be needed.

Weather Considerations

For those who work outdoors, such as construction workers or park rangers, the weather may be a hazard to some extent, and measures can be taken during summer and winter. For hot weather, it is vital that a person wears the right clothes and takes other measures to avoid sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke. Light, breathable clothing is a good place to start, such as shorts and short-sleeved shirts that breathe easily, such as an Under Armour job shirt or similar products. If fabric does not breathe well, as an Under Armour job shirt might, the worker may get too warm and suffer from it. Other measures can be taken such as wearing a hat that blocks sunlight, as well as having access to cool water or energy-boosting drinks that restore electrolytes after a person has been sweating. Any responsible construction manager will provide refreshments for the workers, and park rangers can bring water bottles and other items to keep cool.

The opposite is true for winter, and in some states such as Minnesota, Montana, or Maine, winter can be very cold, especially with a wind chill, and frostbite or hypothermia can both be a real concern. Here, workers should have warm coats, pants, boots, and gloves, and they may even wear goggles to protect the eyes from cold, dry winds. If a construction site exposes workers to the cold, heaters can be set up to warm up the air and help prevent hypothermia among the workers. Under the coats and parkas, though, clothing should still breathe easily, and an Under Armour job shirt or similar brand may be useful here, too.

Other Hazards

Even if the weather is fair, workers must have the right gear to prevent other hazards, many of which may be man made. Visibility is often a concern, especially during rain or night when visibility is lower, or on a busy highway where drivers have only a split second to react to sudden developments. A worker who is too hard to see may be difficult to recognize and avoid in time, and this can lead to traffic injuries or even fatalities. For this reason and more, three main types of high-visibility safety apparel can be found: off-road, roadway, and public safety varieties. High-visibility clothing makes use of colorful and reflective surfaces that clearly defines a worker’s presence and outline from his or her surroundings, and this is most often relevant where vehicles are concerned. Workers on a road and especially a highway must be easy for motorists to see, and this is especially true in poor visibility conditions like rain or night (or both). This can also be relevant for construction equipment on the site such as back hoes, dump trucks, bulldozers, and more, and the drivers are not always as attentive as they should be, so colorful orange and yellow clothes can help them see a worker and avoid them. Crane operators can also see workers this way and avoid hitting them with their payloads.

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