Unsure Of What To Do With Those Pieces Of Clothing You No Longer Wear?

It happens to all of us, piles and bags of clothes that sit untouched because they just aren’t what we like anymore. With the changing sizes and temperatures within the United States, the average American goes through more clothing today than ever before. In fact, where most Americans some 50 years ago had a range of about 12 items of clothing to their name, the rate has now more than tripled. Most individuals have clothes that sit for years untouched in the back of their closets. What should you really be doing with that clothing that hasn’t been worn in years?

Charitable clothing donations is a great benefit for not only you but for those in need as well. By going through your closet you could be contributing to veterans donations and helping to clothe individuals who may not have the resources themselves to go and buy those items that you take for granted every day. By going through your closet and picking out those pieces that you know you just don’t use anymore you give a fresh chance to those pieces that you once bought because you loved instead of allowing them to go to waste.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think about charity donations, and those pieces that they don’t wear end up being thrown out and clogging up the landfill. Do you know how long it takes for textiles and clothing to break down? It can take years, years that these pieces could have been going to take care of someone else and provide warmth that many individuals have not gotten otherwise. There are roughly 82 pounds of textiles that are tossed out for the trash by individuals every year and many of these items could have been repurposed for the better.

Take places such as Philadelphia for example, 440,000 individuals have fallen below the poverty line. Leaving these people maybe enough to keep a shelter over their heads and a little bit of food on the table. These Veterans donations that you make could be going to help these individuals to have warm clothing on their backs, and clothing that is in good shape. There are even children in need of clothing out there who could benefit from those items that your little ones may have just outgrown.

Helping families in need is a benefit to not only those families but to you as well. With the opportunity to provide others with what they may not have been able to purchased prior to your donations. Don’t let those items go to waste, especially when you once picked these items out because you liked them. Donating clothing to charity can make all of the difference to someone in need.

Another great factor for you that comes along with making these donations? Your veterans donations are tax deductible. Giving you a break around tax season for what you’ve given to others and the way you’ve contributed with your charitable donations, making a difference for those who couldn’t afford these items for themselves. You’re not only helping other individuals but you’re helping yourself get back money you spent in the first place. These beneficial pieces could be just what you need to put a little extra cash in your pocket to go pick up that new sweater or those new pair of jeans you’d been eyeing for awhile now.

Helping out those in need with veterans donations could make all of the difference to a family that may not have had the funds before. Before you throw out that bag of clothing that you don’t know what to do with go through it. Pick out those items that are still in good shape and have a couple of years left in them to provide someone else with warmth or protection from the sun and other weather conditions. That sweater that you’ve outgrown could be just the item that brings a smile to another person’s face. How great would it be to be responsible for something like that occurring for someone else?

Go through your clothing and help out those in need, it’s simple.

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