Three Reasons Why the World Needs Better Photographers

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Ever since its practical introduction in the 1800s, photography has been used to capture a moment in time for future generations to appreciate. As photography continues to advance parallel with technology, photos are regularly shared across millions of users on the internet every day. While many of us simply use photos for personal use, many individuals and businesses rely on high-quality photography for sales or to launch their career. Here are three reasons why one may want to consider a professional photo album design service to turn amateur photos into professional-quality photos.

The Implications of Social Media

There are over 1.8 billion photos shared across the internet each day. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are responsible for a majority of these photos — Instagram hosted over 500 million images back in 2012, this was over 30 times greater than the entire photo archive for the Library of Congress. Although many individuals post photos for their own personal use, there are some who may be trying to achieve greatness through their photo sharing. Models and photographers could both get their start through photo sharing on the net. To this end, it is helpful to note that professional photographs are twice as likely as user-generated photos to be shared according to one study; a National Press Photographers Association study also determined that people are able to tell whether a photo was made by a professional or an amateur with a 90% certainty. For those looking to advance their modeling or photography career through social media exposure, professional photo album editing and organizing services could help amateurs turn into professionals over night.


The internet is the world’s largest marketplace with online spending increasing year after year. Today e-commerce is estimated to be a $1.6 trillion industry with online advertising spending reaching $149 billion annually. Since online consumers are not physically present when they make a purchase, it makes sense that online businesses invest in professional photography and photo editing services in order to depict their products in the most favorable of conditions. Lighting, backdrops, colors — all of these contribute to a aesthetic principle that can only be mastered through years of study and practice; mastering this principle can directly translate into sales dollars. People buy with their eyes; ensuring that a product looks good is the key to successful e-commerce and wise marketing.

The Digital Housing Market

There are few markets that quite match that of the real estate industry in terms of capital. The internet has significantly changed the way that people buy and sell houses; no longer is a realtor necessary to generate attention and guarantee exposure thanks to a number of websites that allow sellers to sell their home. With 92% of home buyers using the internet to search for homes, the need for high-quality photos that best represent a home has never been more pertinent. Studies show that those individuals who composed professional photo albums for their homes saw a significant decrease in the amount of time it took for those homes to sell when compared to photos shot by amateurs without editing. For those looking for a way to sell their home online faster, consider hiring a professional photography service to show the world how great you know your home can be.
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