Toss Those Scratched SunglassesNot so Fast

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Ever since the first pair of sunglasses were sold in 1929 by Sam Foster, there has been the ever plaguing question; “can you fix scratched sunglasses?” Though present day sunglasses manufacturers have made many advances in protecting the eyes of the user, with lenses offering UV protection and longer lasting materials, the answer today is the same as it was back then; no… until now.

Sunglasses are more important than many realize. They do much more than block a little sunlight and make the wearer look cool. Originally known as “sun cheaters,” sunglasses nowadays protect the user from serious eye damage, potential blindness and even cancer.

Also many may be surprised sunlight is not only harmful when it shines down from above. When sunlight bounces off reflective snow, sand and water it can be extremely harmful to the eyes if not protected by sunglasses. But UV lens protection is extremely important, otherwise your eyes aren’t properly protected.

Sunglasses should fit to an individual’s face to only allow a small amount of stray light between the frames and the face. This is because sunglasses do much more than protect just the eye itself, protecting the skin surrounding the human eye. This skin is extremely thin and subsequently at very high risk for cancer if not protected from damaging UV rays.

Just like anything you buy nowadays, you get what you pay for. The more you pay for a pair of sunglasses, the better protection you will get. With all the protection the offer, sunglasses are a much more important investment than they are generally regarded. So instead of tossing away and replacing an expensive pair of sunglasses because of a scratched lens, you can now instead order replacement lenses.

But how can you fix scratched sunglasses? Sunglass lenses replacement are available for all types of sunglasses makes and models. And these replacement lenses are easy to find most of the time, given the specialty companies focused on sunglass lens replacement services. So can you fix scratched sunglasses? Yes you can. Refernce materials: