Want to Fly on a Privet Jet? Consider Booking an Empty Leg Flight

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More than eight million people take to the skies to travel for business and for fun. There are multiple options for what kinds of flights that people can take. Hands down, the most enjoyable way to fly is on private jet charters. The problem, of course, is that not everyone can afford to charter a private jet. That is where empty leg charter flights come in.

What are “empty leg flights?”

Often, companies and individuals book charter private flights to get them to somewhere or from somewhere. They do not charter the private jet to take them to and from their destination. That means that plane is going to make one part of that trip empty. That is what is referred to as an empty leg flight. Private jet charter companies do not make any money on that part of the trip. To make this part of the plane’s day more profitable, they will offer these private jet flights at a very discounted price.

How realistic is it to think you can take advantage of this?

It has been estimated, by airline experts, that nearly 40% of private jets are flying around with no passengers on any day. That means, there are a lot of chances to book these private jets at very reasonable prices.

Privet jets charge by the flight, not by the seat.

If you have a group and you want to take a trip somewhere, you may end up paying less with a charter flight than if you went commercial. On commercial flights, you have to each have your own ticket and seat. If you take the fee that is charged by the charter company for the entire plane and split that up between everyone in your party, you may find you are spending less per person than if you had all bought coach seats on commercial airlines.

The prices that charter jet companies charge varies depending on a number of factors. Typically, a flight that is going between two cities that are a few hundred miles can cost a few hundred dollars. People who are looking for flights that are for longer distances can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1500. Keep in mind, this is for the entire plane.

Be flexible. Getting good deals on empty leg charter flights is a better deal when you are planning last minute travel and are flexible with your dates and even where you are going. Sometimes these private jet flights are not even available until a few days before so if you and your group are spontaneous, this may be a great way for you to travel.

Take advantage of some of the perks of flying on a private jet.

You may not have paid full price but you will get full use of the amenities and perks of flying on a charter plane.

  • You will not lose your luggage. Unlike what happens when you fly commercial, you know your bags are on the same plane as you. You will not have to worry about your bags for your long weekend away ending up someplace else.
  • You will not be treated like cattle. Many frequent flyers will tell you that you can start to feel a bit like cattle when you fly on a commercial flights. You get herded through security and then herded on board. None of that happens with a private jet flight.
  • Fido and Fluffy can come, too. If you have ever tried to fly on a commercial flight with your pets, you know what a challenge that experience is. You have to have all of your paperwork for the animal, they have to fly in the baggage area (in a pressurized portion) and the experience is harrowing. They can lose your luggage and they can lose your pet.
  • You will be able to have great food. This is more important when you are flying a long way but you can work with the charter get company to have the food and beverages you want on your flight.

Flying on a private jet is not just for billionaires and rock stars anymore. Empty leg flights make it possible for the rest of us.

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