Private jet customs

Private jet to Las Vegas? What a great offer! Most people would jump right on an invitation like that.

The world is a busy place, and getting busier all the time. More conveniences that used to be considered as luxuries are becoming more and more affordable. It used to be that mostly businesses chartered private aircraft for quick flights to meet with clients in another city or state, or to tour a new location, or to get to a cross country meeting. Well, they still do that. Only more often! That is the good news for the private jet charter companies. Now, the really good news is that custom jet charter services have become more accessible to a more diverse population of people.

People now use jet charter services for a charter flight to Las Vegas, for private jet charter Hawaii, for Houston jet charters, and for private flights to almost anywhere in the world, for either business or pleasure. Many business people travel by air as many as 15 times in a timespan of six months. While traveling by private aircraft, business passengers can take advantage of a conference room where they can meet with associates to plan their strategy for the meeting to which they are enroute, or they can kick back and relax while reading a book or business paperwork, or even sleeping.

On any given day there will be eight million people traveling by air. Here’s a thought. Instead of booking a commercial flight while planning a vacation, why not think about reserving a private jet to Las Vegas? Customers who choose a jet charter service will enjoy benefits such as:

    being able to eliminate long lines at airport security and ticket counters


    fresh meals served by private aircraft staff


    conference rooms on larger private jets


    more leg room than on commercial airlines

, and many more amenities.

When flying with a private charter service, customers can actually land closer to their destinations than they can with a commercial airline. The same private jet to Las Vegas is also able to fly in and out of 5,000 airports throughout the United States. In addition, chartered aircraft are able to fly in and out of smaller airports that are restricted to large commercial jets. Seating on private jets is comfortable and roomy. Passengers have remarked that the seating is as comfortable as their own living room furniture and that the leg room gives plenty of space to stretch out.

A survey was taken recently and 30% of those who answered said they felt the biggest upgrade that commercial airlines could make would be to add more comfortable seating. 41% of frequent airline travelers felt that more leg room would be the biggest upgrade. When taking a private jet to Las Vegas, or any other destination, the passenger doesn’t need to worry about leg room. The charter company has already heard and provided the solution!

Private air charter has been proven to be a very safe way to travel. Different sized aircrafts are offered to fit the many diverse needs of customers. In addition to their different sizes, each aircraft carries its own list of special conveniences, depending upon the number of travelers, the length of the trip, and the type of travel requested. For friends who are getting together for some time away and are chartering a private jet to Las Vegas the aircraft will carry a specific style of travel amenities, in addition to comfortable seating and spacious leg room, including board games of different kinds and decks of cards. The charter company will provide the travelers with their choice of foods and beverages, as well as pillows and blankets for any down time they choose to enjoy while in the air.

Private air travel is not only an accepted mode of travel, but is also a preferred mode of travel for people who are flying for both business and leisure. Not only are prices affordable, but, after considering all the amenities, travelers are getting the most value for their money. Great references here. Get more info here.

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