Accessories for Your Manly Man

Leather satchels for men

Generally speaking, men don’t like to be thought of as carrying accessories. But in all honesty, that’s what they are and there’s nothing wrong with that. The word ‘accessories’ has the stigma of being feminine but there are so many ‘manly’ accessories that it should be an across the board word. Let’s look over a few of the accessories that are available even for the manly man from leather briefcases for men to masculine rings and wristbands.

  1. Tactical Bands
    This bracelets are made out of para cord. Para cord is the type of rope that is used for parachutes. It’s extremely strong and reliable. The tactical bands are braided together in different patterns in order to incorporate several feet of cord into one bracelet. The idea is that these bands have everything that you need in an emergency. Rope, fire starters and compasses are the most popular components of a tactical band but there are other things that could be added to it as well. They are put on the wrist with a clip and all of the pieces are small enough to fit underneath or on top of the band. Some police tactical bands also hold a handcuff key.

  2. Leather Totes
    This could be anything from leather briefcases for men or mens satchels or bag. This is more popular among students and teachers who have to carry books and papers as well as among business men like lawyers. Leather briefcases for men or other carrying devices are necessary for any one that needs to carry a lot of things around regularly. If it’s important for the guy to look ‘manly’ then there are many different options for guys to be able to carry bags. Otherwise they would just end up looking foolish trying to balance all of their things in their arms when they could easily have put them in some sort of tote. Leather is a good compromise for good quality but not allowing room for what is commonly called a ‘murse’ which stands for ‘man purse.’

  3. Wallets
    It doesn’t matter what they try and tell you- wallets are an accessory. Have you ever seen a guy trying to pick out a wallet? They inspect them just like a lady would do a bracelet or a pair of expensive earrings that she is considering purchasing. There are all sorts of criteria for a wallet; fits in the back pocket, not to bulky, specific color and many more details depending on the man. They can’t just grab and go when getting a new wallet. It takes time and careful consideration before determining which would best suit their needs. Isn’t that the definition of an accessory to your person?

  4. Watches
    A watch is an accessory. Whether it’s been worn on a man or a woman, a watch adds a dimension to your arm and to your outfit. These days, watches are so much more than something that tells the time. It could be connected to your phone so that you can play games, surf the net and answer telephone calls with it. It could also be a heart monitor or a step counter if you are wanting to be more health conscious. Watches are a great way to tell a lot about a person. A simple man will likely have a regular watch face with a leather band. No fancy shmancy technology connected to it or anything, just a watch. Meanwhile, high tech kind of guy will more often have a smart watch which they have programmed themselves.

  5. Necklaces
    A lot of guys wear necklaces. There are so many options out there you can’t cover them all in a paragraph but a few ideas for ‘man necklaces’ are their dog tags if they’ve been in the military, a long chain with a single sentimental charm hanging from it or a shorter chain with more design and no charms. There are plenty of options when it comes to necklaces although most guys before them to be referred to as ‘chains’ no matter what type of necklace it is.

There you have, guys have accessories. It could be leather briefcases for men or it could be a single earring in one ear; whatever the case may be, don’t like a guy tell you that they don’t have accessories.

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