What Is the One Shoe That Always Gets Packed When You Travel for Adventure?

Welding boots

The social media posts increase as the last days of summer wind down. As one brother in Costa Rica enjoys another day of rock climbing and zip lining, his younger brother is already starting high school. The older rock climbing brother is fortunate he has not yet had to return to his college campus in the U.S. and still has time to enjoy his home country for a few more weeks. and while the two brothers are heading out for different kinds of days, something about the way they are dressed is still very similar.
Although the younger brother is heading to school, he too is dressed in the same colored khaki the older brother has donned for the day of outdoor adventure. Pants for school, shorts for climbing, it would be other wise difficult to tell the difference if you looked at the two from the waist down. The waterproof walking shoes that they both wear are a necessary choice for a country that provides daily soaking rains on the way to and from class as well as the way to and from the next outdoor climb.
Womens and Mens Walking Boots Serve Purposes Well Beyond the Trails and Climbing Adventures
Fashion tends to follow function in the footwear industry. While the real purpose in both womens and mens walking boots is sturdy support for the feet as the cover miles of varied terrain, it comes as no surprise that the footwear industry also understands the value of fashion. With designs that are both sturdy and attractive, lightweight hiking boots and lightweight walking sandals transition from work days to vacation days. In fact, when forced to limit the items they are packing for vacations and trips around the country, many travelers select all purpose adventure shoes. In an attempt to lighten the load of the luggage that they carry, sensible travelers are also lightening the load on their bodies as well.
Did you know that the weight of your shoes can have a direct impact on the energy that you have? In fact, the weight of shoes exerts a noticeable drain on a person’s energy and stamina. Many experienced hikers understand the reality of the popular saying, “A pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back.” And while world travelers and outdoor adventure seekers understand the need for conserving energy whenever possible, it should come as no surprise that going to work also requires a good deal of energy. As a result, the shoe industry often tries to create styles that can provide both comfort and energy both in the office and out on adventure.
Even When You Cannot Vacation You Can Make Sure That You Work on Your Endurance
It comes as no surprise any more that the health and wellness reports of Americans are not where they should be. In a time when we are a nation connected to technology and our jobs 24/7, many Americans simply do not have, nor take, the time they need to get healthy amounts of exercising. And while the cost of joining the gym where peers or trainers may motivate you to get up and get moving, nothing could be more affordable than walking. In fact, walking is the most popular aerobic physical activity in America today. Nearly 60% of adults reported walking for at least 10 minutes in the previous week. Furthermore, more than 145 million adults include walking as part of their physically active lifestyle. The latest health research indicates that the average adult needs at least two and a half hours a week of aerobic physical activity. These 150 minutes should be at a moderate level. A fast-paced walk for no less than 10 minutes at a time is one easy way to reach this goal.
If a hectic work schedule only allows a few 10 minute walks a day, it makes perfect sense that the shoes that you work in will benefit your health if they are also the same shoes that allow for comfortable walking. Originally, mens walking boots may not have fit in the workplace, but today’s fashions allow for an easy transition from womens walking sandals and mens walking boots.

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