When Was the Last Time Someone Sent You Flowers?

This is the season when florists are the most busy. From Mother’s Day to Memorial Day to graduation and confirmation celebrations, there are many times when families need a way to send flowers to loved ones who are far away and hosts need a way to brighten any space.

Whether you are looking to have flowers delivered or you are in search of spring flower arrangements for an upcoming party, it is important to place your orders as soon as possible to make certain that you get the results that you want.
Flower Design Ideas Can Make Any Space Look the Best
From the sympathy flowers that you send to family members who are dealing with loss to online florists who can help you get a delivery to any place in the country, there are many times when you are able to help improve the way that any kind of space looks. With the color they provide and the aromas they provide, there are many times when flowers are a great addition to any kind of space.

Sympathy flowers help families who are mourning and flower bouquets help brides prepare for their big day. None of these things will be ready, however, if they are not ordered ahead of time. And while sympathy flowers can obviously be prepared in a much shorter time frame, there are many times when brides plan for their wedding bouquet and bridal party flowers months in advance. Consider some of these many times when the floral industry plays an important role in the way that we both celebrate and commemorate the events of our lives:

  • In Russia, red tulips were used to declare romantic love, but in many other parts of the world they are simply used for decorating purposes or to commemorate special events.
  • 89% of women indicate that receiving flowers makes them feel special.
  • Flower deliveries are so special that 92% of women indicate that they remember the last time they received flowers.
  • 89% of people who receive flowers believe the giver is sophisticated.
  • One of the oldest lilies dating 3000 years back, the most widely known lilies is the Madonna lily is always white with yellow stamens.
  • The florist industry in America generates an estimated $7 billion in revenue every year.

May is definitely one of the most busy months for florists across the country. And while Valentine’s Day is the single most busy individual time, the month of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day is very busy as well.

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