When Was the Last Time You Donated Clothing to a Charitable Cause?

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Gymnastics, swimming, show choir, and band have all been important parts in your family’s lives. You have the t-shirts to prove it!
In fact, you have so many t-shirts from your daughters’ favorite activities that for a few years you felt like a t-shirt quilt making factory. As your girls and their friends graduated from high school you were initially excited about the t-shirt quilt process. It was a fun way to recycle some of their favorite clothing items. Exactly how many t-shirt quilts though can one family have?
After making a gymnastics t-shirt quilt that included nothing but pink shirts for your first quilt, you moved on to a purple one for your oldest daughter. When a friend and teammate whose parents were in the military moved you were able to give her a red, white, and blue gymnastics t-shirt quilt as a going away gift. Two brightly colored ones were offered as gifts at the annual team sleepover. Two more were given as high school graduation gifts to girls whose parents had not saved any of their t-shirts. And, you still have a full tub of gymnastics shirts left over!
At this point you realize that you have saved too many clothes. The t-shirt quilt making is getting old and you are tired of the tubs of outgrown clothes in the basement. From now on, instead of saving these clothes for yourselves, you plan to look for charities that pick up clothing donations and make sure the clothes are put to better use.
Charities That Pick Up Clothing Donations Distribute Items to People in Need
Yesterday’s economic news may have indicated that the number of people living in poverty has dropped, but most Americans realize that they are still people who can benefit from the generosity of others. By giving to charities that pick up clothing donations, American families can make sure that their extras make it into the lives of those who are most in need. Instead of storing up clothing as memories, families who give to organizations that accept clothing donations make sure that their unworn clothes are put to a better use.
And while some donated clothing and household items are given to families in need, other donated items are sold in affordable retail locations that fuel an entire industry. With employees who sort and price donations, as well as employees that work on the floor and at the cash registers of these retail locations, the used clothing industry provides money for needed groups while also providing jobs. Did you know, for instance, that the average American purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year? The used clothing industry, in fact, is a thriving part of America’s economy. And while some people decide to sell their clothing to resale locations, generous Americans instead simply make a donation of their gently used clothes and other household items.
Recycling Efforts Can Also Include Unwearable Clothing and Unusable Textiles
Unfortunately, when families do not take the time to donate their unused clothing, a greater problem can occur. In fact, research indicates that 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown out in America every year. Clothing that sits in storage tubs in basements or high on shelves in closets can deteriorate and become unusable. It is better for families to donate clothing sooner rather than waiting for a later date when the clothing is of no use to anyone. It is unfortunate that the recovery rate for America’s used clothing and textiles in 2011 was an only 15.3%. Textiles that are not recovered simply adds to the problem of crowded landfills.
Interestingly enough, even the most worn clothing and textiles can still serve a valuable purpose. These pieces can be recycled into materials that can be used for new fabric for new items. Again, these items become part of an industry that provides both jobs and products for America’s economy.
Charities that pick up clothing donations do a great job of sorting the items they are given. Clothing that is in good condition is given to families in need or sold at an affordable price at a thrift store benefiting worthwhile causes. Material that is too worn to wear again, can be sold in bulk to textile recycling companies.

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