Where Can I Donate Clothes to Help Military Families?

Used clothing pick up

Just over 95% of Americans try to take part in charitable giving at some level. It might be a monetary donation, if that fits the donator’s budget. It is not uncommon for people to falsely believe that the only acceptable donation is cash. This is simply not true.

Household goods and clothing donations are perfectly acceptable. The best items are those that are only gently used of course. These donations can be a great way to provide support for military families.

What Charities For Military Families Accept Clothing Donations?

A quick internet search will reveal the nearest charities that benefit military families. Some will offer pick up services, while others might have drop box locations. Donating old stuff is not just a way to help families in need, but is actually good for the environment as well.

What Should I Donate to Military Families?

Military families are associated with frequent moves. It is no secret that the military requires their people to go where they tell them to go. All too often, common household items are misplace or damaged during the transit, especially in cross-country moves.

An older appliance might seem an odd thing to donate. But if that older toaster or vacuum is still in good working order it can be a great find for a struggling family. Sometimes, a family needs just a little bit of help to get through a few rough months. Gently used household items can help.

Here’s What to Check For Before Donating.

Items that are suitable for donation should be free of stains, tears, rips, missing pieces, or exposed wires. The clothing can show signs of wear, and need to be clean. This means it should be free of smells, and if it has been in the back of a closet for years, dust too.

The appliances or other household items need to be able to do their job safely and reliably. This means, don’t donate a toaster that sparks, or a vacuum that only works some of the time. Test the appliance before donating if possible.

Your Donation Helps More Than a Single Family.

Only about 15% of used clothing is actually recycled of donated, instead of being thrown in the trash. It is unfortunate, but true that our landfills are overflowing. About 10.5 million tons of used clothing ends up at the landfill each year, which breaks down to about 82 pounds of textile waste per person. This is the reason why textiles are considered the worst of all reusable materials.

Donating items to charities that focus on military families is a great way to participate in charitable giving. Decide which items you can replace or do without during your next spring cleaning. Check for charities in your area online, and see if they offer pick up. You can rest easy knowing that you are making a difference for not just one military family, but for the environment as well.

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