Is Your Teen Always Bored? How to Craft Your Own Lotion and Beauty Products Using Essential Oils

Soy jar candles

The essential oils used in organic bath salts, natural soap bars, and all natural hygiene products could have surprising uses around the home. Experts say that even a small amount of lemon oil added to dish water can impart a pleasant smell to clean dishes, and that combining eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil with distilled water can actually eliminate smoke and pet odors around the home.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and although synthetic alternatives to natural oils are widely available, using natural products for gift sets and soy jar candles, for example, could spell the difference between a small business’s success and failure over the course of its first years of operation. Natural health consumers are willing to invest in authentic essential oils and are always looking for new ways to use them.

Lavender oil, for example, is often used to make scented sachets for babies’ rooms. Soothing children to sleep with a spray bottle of water infused with rose oil at night — and using peppermint oil mixed with water in the mornings — can help relax young children who are not used to sleeping alone.

Some parents actually mix lavender or tea tree oil, along with water, into a small spray bottle, which they give to younger children who want to “help” clean. Organic gift sets often come with small perfume spray bottles, which can be recycled into tiny spray containers for kids who want to learn to clean. Alternatively, little spray bottles with dish soap — and a few drops of lemon oil — can help children stay excited about washing dishes, bicycles, or even cars.

All natural hygiene products are not created equally; becoming familiar with different natural beauty product companies’ ingredients can help consumers decide which organic hygiene products to buy. While the majority of natural health companies avoid animal testing and synthetic products, reading online information in advance of purchase can help ensure a refreshing beauty experience.

Aromatherapy products, especially, should be inspected for synthetic ingredients. Companies that use essential oils have a distinct market advantage: spas and beauty parlors want to offer their customers natural ingredients and are less likely to invest in synthetic products. Some people use coconut oil as a base for skin and hair care products, adding their own essential oils to create customized all natural hygiene products. With beauty and health as the goal, investing in quality health care products is becoming a popular choice among consumers worldwide.


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