Japanese Firms Look to End Baldness by 2020

Skin disorderAging and hair loss are two things people often wish they could do something about. While we may not be able to do much about getting older, there are many hair loss specialists out there offering creative solutions to hair loss. Losing your hair can really be a blow to your self-confidence, especially if hair loss begins in a noticeable way when you’re still relatively young.

Actual hair loss solutions can seem hard to come by these days, but some Japanese firms are already looking into new and powerful ways to end baldness. From bald patch treatment to full-on hair replacement, there’s sure to be a treatment out there that’s right for you.


Regardless of when your hair loss started, looking into solutions as soon as you can is generally the best option for keeping what remains of your hair whatever solution you choose. If you find yourself balding depression anxiety and a host of other issues may not be far behind. Hair loss can take a major toll on your self-esteem, so it’s best to investigate solutions early and do what you can to keep your hair for as long as you can.

A Japanese research organization firm, RIKEN, is now collaborating with Kyocera, an electronics firm, and Organ Technologies, Inc., a startup. The three firms hope to develop a hair loss cure over the next four years.

Thinning hair and hair loss happens all over the world and scientists have spent decades trying to find a cure for baldness. As reported by The Japan Times, more than 18 million Japanese people suffer from hair loss. More than 55 million people — mostly men — are going bald in the United States.

Currently, one of the more common treatments of hair issues is hair growth tonic and hair transplants.

Hair tonic is a stylish hair product that also has health benefits for hair follicles. It’s been said — although widely disputed — that hair tonic products can actually reverse baldness. But more realistically the product is to make the hair look and feel better.

Hair transplants are a surgical procedure that tries to restore hair that has fallen out. As of right now, hair transplants are considered the only option to actually cure baldness. It’s otherwise known as hair replacement surgery, and should only be attempted by a surgeon who is a professional and experienced in various cosmetic procedures.

These Japanese firms are hoping to introduce a new method of restoring hair. They are hoping to be able to regenerate hair follicles rather than the other treatment methods.

Scientists at RIKEN have already developed the technology to successfully regenerate body parts including teeth and hair in certain mice.

The scientists plan to extract hair follicles along with pieces of skin from a person’s scalp, which then extracts the stem cells within the hair follicles to attempt to be processed into newer and healthier hair follicles.

Balding and other chronic skin conditions are serious issues in the U.S., Japan, and other parts of the world. Make sure to consult with experienced and professional doctors, scientists, and cosmetic professionals before you have any hair, body, or skin disorder looked at.

Balding isn’t the worst thing in the world and it happens to so many people, but if there is a way to combat it, that’ll be great for people all over the world in the next few years.

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