Why Good Photography Is a Must-Have

Professional photo album

From selling your house to commemorating a special event or promoting your business, visuals are increasingly important in communicating to a broader audience. When you consider that close 65% of $400,000 to $500,000 homes which used DSLR photos to promote the property sold within six months, in comparison to just over 45% of those advertised with point-and-shoot photos, it becomes even clearer that good quality photography can make all the difference. In fact 35% of million dollar homes, which are notoriously difficult to sell, using professional photography in six months, while just 30 percent of those promoted using images from homes with point-and-shoot photos. It is not just those wanting to sell their homes that can benefit from professional photography services, though

Visual content is just mire memorable and easier for the brain to process. According to Zabisco and 3M Corporation, visual content makes up 90% of all information transmitted to the brain; the brain also processes visuals 60,000X faster than text. In fact, visual information is more appealing than text for as much as 40% of people, according Zabisco. Getting that visual content right, though, can be tricky and this is where professional photo styling comes in. Professional photo editing services can offer color correction, retouching, album design, restoration, and background removal among other options, for a clean professional look regardless of the objective of the photo.

Such photo editing can ensure that visual content is even more effective. In the world of social media, for example, one study found that professional photographs were twice as likely to be shared than those generated by amateur users. Dan Zarella found that photographs were much more likely to be liked, shared and commented on on Facebook than text, video, and links. This means that quality photography is a must-have for online marketers.

For websites too good quality photography can make or break user opinion. Stanford Persuasion Tech Lab found that website design directly impacted the credibility of a company, according to 46.1% of people they surveyed. Good photography is part of sleek, clean and professional web design and needs to be addressed as central to the design rather than as an add-on. Even if amateur photography is used, a photo editing or photo enhancement service can radically improve the quality of the images.

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